Building a place to craft

When starting up your own handmade business it can be challenging to find a space to make things while keeping the cost (overheads) down. I had just this problem, so built a shed come workshop in my back garden. Having only built small walls etc out of brick before, I set about wanting to make a building in brick.

This wasn’t the cheapest option but it would mean it fitted in with the rest of our home. The plan was to make it look like an outhouse. I planned a corrugated tin roof and wanted to collect the rain water for my garden. We had bikes to store, garden tools and of course the workshop itself. The workshop was going to be small so I thought about using the space out of the front by using a collapsible canopy, one that would roll back when not in use.

It all started with a few drawings that were adjusted many times. The crafting area was the priority space and I didnt want to be clambering over bikes to use it. That’s why I decided on separate sections for each. One for the bikes, one for all the garden tools and paints and the largest for the workshop itself. I started out by digging the footings. I laid in the electric cables from the house and made sure they went to the right areas of the building. Then the bricking started, followed quickly by the door frames. Single doors except for the crafting area, which I wanted double doors so that it opened out fully under the canopy.

You can watch the video below to see how I got on.

8 thoughts on “Building a place to craft

  1. I wouldn’t do the renovations as well as you Chris, but Mark, who posted above will soon be setting up a camper Van renovations service, UK based though I’m afraid. Lol

  2. Do you do Land Cruiser renovations? Love ya work Bob & Co. Nice electrics by the way 🙂

    1. Thanks Marvo, all good fun, now looking to do a sheltered bit at the end of the garden for my more messy building projects.

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